Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Great place to grab fresh delicious sushi and not break the bank! As an absolute sushi fanatic, I was driving everyone I met when I first moved to San Diego crazzy asking them where there was a good sushi place....finally someone had mercy on me and decided to take me to the only place they new..........Sushi Deli 1 in Hillcrest, which became my first sushi experience in SoCal and has become one of my few "go to" local spots!! They have one in downtown on Broadway too.

I love coming here, they have a great variety of sushi and Japanese cuisine.....and an awesome Sake bar!

So today I decided to surprise my friend that works near by and see if we could grab some rolls and a chat for lunch....here's what we chowed on....

We shared their scrumptious garlic edimane to start with, a definite must have every time I go there!

She ordered the Monday #1A lunch special that came with sushi, gyoza and salad

I absolutely had to have sushi, so I ordered the Yokozuna combo which came with a spicy tuna roll, 5 pieces of sushi and lovely salad.

It was all delightful, quick and easy on the wallet. 2 people can eat very satisfyingly for $25 or have a couple of rolls and a couple of drinks for the same price....just great.....but they do have a bit of a wait (for lunch and dinner), so do plan to go 25-35mins early and put your name on the list....they don't do reservations.....but well worth the wait!
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