Monday, March 15, 2010


"Simply put, Royale is the epitome of a neighborhood bar. Whether you've been going there for years or it's your first visit, they'll always make you feel at home there. You can watch a game at the bar or enjoy the garden with your friends." This lower east side typical neighborhood hangout can provide all the essential things one needs for a great time, whether its Sunday brunch, quick munchies before the night out, the Sunday game, or Tuesday or get it!! Basically they have it all, the food, the ambiance and a full bar....what else can I say. Drop by and take a look at their very appealing and familiarly comforting menu that will not disappoint your bar chomping cravings. 

But, before you venture out into trying the entire menu, DO NOT leave without trying the most mouth-melting juicy cheeseburger you will ever sink your teeth into in Lower Manhattan  - The Royale w/Cheese.....I love this burger as much as I love New York!! I recommend the Onion Rings, French Fries and a very appropriately recommended Porkslap Ale; just because without them, your will not have that out of this world experience that has me dreaming of a one-way ticket from San Diego for just 1 bite! Believe you me.....its worth every single calorie and every hour on that plane! 

Just look at it, don't you just want to dive right into that perfectly cooked  layering of juicy goodness?




So the final word is...get the burger, get the fries, the onion rings, wash it all down with the Porkslap Ale and leave amazed and satisfied...I sure did!!

I know you will agree with me on this one......have a bite & a sip and enjoy!!!

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