Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Enjoying every moment of this wonderful trip to Miami, on a culinary level I am overjoyed because I am completely addicted to the fruit of the sea. Also, the incredible fusion of cultures that are melted into the south Floridian area is incredible. It is comprised of Caribbeans, Europeans, and Central & South Americans. As you can probably imagine by now, the restaurant scene in South Florida is filled with a vast array of amazingly assorted flavorful dishes.
One of the places that is a MUST for me when in SoFla is Cantina 27, an Italian restaurant that delivers truly authentic Italian food. Their home-made pastas, made daily will take you on a trip down memory lane to your nona’s kitchen and their grilled entrees will whirl you to a trip to the Riviera!!
They bake their own bread and it is oh so scrumptious… prepared not to eat just one piece. And DO make sure to try their gnocchi which is also made on premises daily. OH, please….please try the Carpaccio di Polipo…it is magnanimous!! Besides these personal faves they have an array of appetizers, salads and cheese assortments that can easily be paired with their incredible wine list, I recommend to start off with a nice chilled bottle of prosecco …..beyond a doubt, a pallets dream.

2701 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(305) 673-5241

My usual order when at Cantina 27 starts out with the Polipo appetizer, a glass of prosecco, and a basket full of warm bread and those wonderful thin Italian bread sticks. Ii is usually followed with a Grilgliata Mista which I will sometimes {It's ssso good!} share with the table.

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