Thursday, May 7, 2009


I thought I had encountered every type of cuisine throughout the many years that I live in South Florida. It had to leave and come back in order to pull off a total southwestern experience in the middle of the Design District!! Lost & Found was the place, though I felt more found than lost!!

185 N.W. 36th Street - Miami, FL 33127
Southwest here I come…..their menu is made up of an enticing mix of fresh healthy fixins with a major flavorful kick…… includes  savory dishes to satisfy the vegetarian and meat lover in your crew. From pinon and pepita crusted tofu to Mahi Mahi to pulled pork!!! I tell you it was awesome just checking out the menu….
… was mind blowing to see the immense selection off hot sauces they carried (including their own). Did I mention that I lovvvve hot sauce, on everything – the hotter the better!!!

I was just stopping by for a snack and a beer and it was delightful to find such a whimsical place with ambiance and real good food….

On my speedy visit I decided to go for the chicken wings (love chicken wings any time anywhere – plus theirs are baked, save some calories for the beer!!) and crab stuffed endives doesn’t it just sound delish!!)

Well, quick and all…..the entire experience was grrrrreat……….the food was tasty and the beer was ice cold (a big plus for Miami!) I recommend their very own Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat brew, reeeefreshing!! 

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