Friday, February 10, 2012


A Valentine's Day Table for Your Dearly Beloveds

This is a fun and chic way to decorate your tabletop for a colorful and interesting Valentine's Day Affair. It is easy to make and you will enjoy every step.

Make a love statement. Say it with papier-mâché letters ($4 each, Joann) découpaged in pretty paper (Pacon Spectra, $10.89 for 100 sheets, Trace the letters onto your paper and cut them out. Use a print for the edges and a solid red for the front and back. Stick the paper shapes onto your letters using a foam brush and a few top coats of Mod Podge ($4.12 for 8 oz.,

Hit the grocery aisles for a festive, budget-friendly centerpiece! You'll need two vases, one that’s clear and big enough to hold the smaller vase.

Fill the smaller one with water and a bunch of light and dark pink carnations, and place inside the larger vase. Fill up the space between the vases with red pistachios!

Surprise your loved ones with simple valentines wrapped around their dinner napkins. Cut out hearts from colored paper, then use rubber stamps and ink pads from Michaels to stamp on a few cute images with greetings to match. Here, we paired a cup of joe with "I like you a latte." Punch a hole in the top of each heart, thread with ribbon and tie around napkins. A 12-inch lace paper doily (craft or grocery stores) slipped under everyone's plate makes for a sweet place mat.

Use delicate laser-cut filigree cupcake wrappers ($13 for 12, to pretty up after-dinner treats like colorful chocolate candies.

And voila, there you have a masterpiece for the heart!!

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