Friday, November 23, 2012


I have never been more excited to have a brand new kitchen appliance!! OMG, I cannot even think about it without getting incredibly giddy and filled with pure joy!!! After a beautiful lunch with my in-laws this past Saturday,  I was enjoying my father-in-law so much that I decided to stay to enjoy more time with him. We continued chit chatting and we finally arrived at one of our know commonalities .... COFFEE!!

He began to share about his new Nespresso machine, which instantly triggered my excitement Richter scale off the charts. One thing lead to another an on our way to Bloomingdales to buy the very brand new Nespresso U we go ... he thought that do to my uncontrollable excitement over his purchase, he was going to buy my Hubby & I a house warming gift for our new home {we're moving,}

I was speechless with thankfulness, I didn't know whether to jump up and down or scream .... I was just thankful .... still am ... Thank you Jeff!!

Nespresso makes the most efficient, modern and perfectly designed espresso making machines & coffee. Each and every pour is perfect time after time and the quality and flavor variety is above and beyond any competitor out there. It is a perfect machine for any household and can satisfy any demand for coffee. 

The quick coffee pods and the unique technology of the machines makes it a great aid to entertaining and busy households. It makes a rich and tasty beverage every single time and the possibilities are endless. You can make a perfect espresso, cappuccino, coffee, etc. They are compact and luxuriously designed.

I definitely recommend this and any other Nespresso product to anyone that asks. I AM IN LOVE!!!
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